7-Second Thoughts September 19, 2021

Only 1 person is coming to your website

If your website talks to EVERYONE, how’s your prospect supposed to know you’re talking to them?

You’d never hop on a sales call and start giving a grand speech as if your prospect wasn’t right there.

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to my business!

That’d be weird, right?

When I work on your website, every question I ask and every note I take is fixated on your ideal prospect.

Just one.

Because that’s who you’re going to sell to.

See if this helps:

Website: Gentleman’s Gazette clothing retailer – Minneapolis, MN First 7 seconds of gentlemansgazette.com:

BE A GENTLEMAN & LOOK THE PART As soon as you arrive, this bespoke high-end fashion boutique greets you as if you’re the only person in the world.

I’m here,


P.S. Check this out. These are the 7 StoryBrand questions I use to get your website laser-focused on your prospect. Give it a whirl and if you reply to this email with your answers we’ll run through them together. Sound like a plan? Start here.

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