7-Second Thoughts June 2, 2023

Playing with house money

If you’ve got a fulltime job, now is the time to build your pool of future clients and/or employers.

There is an incredible amount of power in having a steady income

And building a steady stream of subscribers to an email list.

For one, it lets you relax

And the more relaxed

And at ease you are

The more relaxed your reader feels

And the easier it is to build trust.

It also lets you make mistakes

With lower stakes.

If you are working without a full time safety net:

Approach your daily/weekly/monthly

Business words writing

The same way you would

If you were full time:


I’m here,


P.S. Three of the four cohorts for the pilot program are now full. Sessions begin the week of July 10th. After 4 weeks, you will be able to write an email in 25 minutes – from start to publish – build your subscriber list while you sleep (most clients add 100 per month) and get responses that lead to appointments with prospects you want to work with.

Questions? Reply to this email and we’ll get you squared away 🙂

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