7-Second Thoughts May 13, 2023

Practice unignorable word design

Whenever possible, try to refrain from writing big long paragraphs too early on your page.

You’ve hooked your prospect

Into reading the first 7 seconds

Of your website or email

Not an easy task

And then comes

Headline With Ignorable Paragraph
Your prospect has seen this paragraph many, many times. Their English teacher almost certainly taught them to write one just like it. It’s 3 or 4 sentences. It explains something. But unfortunately, on a website, it looks and feels utterly ignorable. Which is what everyone does to it. Ok, you can stop ignoring this now.

↑ Why You Ignored That Paragraph  ↑ 

Because long paragraphs

Too early on your page or email

Feel and look like work.

In an odd way

They actually offer relief:

Whew, long paragraph – don’t have to read that. 

See if this helps:

Make your words easy on the eyes:

  • Double space
  • Numbered lists are good
  • Bullets really help 🙂

With nice, wide margins

That make it effortless

For your prospect

To gobble up value

Until they find themselves

At the bottom

Of your page.

I’m here,


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