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Short Bio

Kevin Freidberg is a former freelance copywriter who is on a mission to get websites to do their job – book high-value calendar appointments. He writes a daily newsletter on websites for independent professionals.

Sample Questions for Kevin

  1. Why is it so hard to write a website period, much less one that actually gets people to contact you?
  2. Why do most people never get leads from their website?
  3. Why doesn’t SEO help a solopreneur get leads?
  4. What’s the alternative?
  5. What’s one change people can make to their website right now that would help them get more appointments from their website?
  6. How do we get prospects interested in what we do without boring the pants off of them? Or ourselves? ????
  7. What can people do to get better at closing when they do land appointments?
  8. How can they get higher-value calls from their website?
  9. Why 7 seconds?

Facts about Kevin

  • I was raised by my supposedly lifelong (foreshadowing!) dad after my parents divorced when I was 3.
  • My grandfather was a rabbi.
  • My first job out of college was working for the sitcom “King of the Hill.”
  • I got published in the New York Times Magazine by cold-calling the front desk.
  • My parents got back together 4 years ago – 45 years after being divorced.

More words from Kevin


If you suffer from not drawing in enough leads, or drawing in the wrong leads, Kevin is someone you should work with.
— Cameron Dwyer
Kevin Freidberg has an incredible knack of mulling over discussions he's had with you about your website, and somehow conjuring up precise messaging that really resonates with potential customers... in a very positive way! I wouldn't use anyone else for messaging for my website.
— Chip Cooper
What is my investment with Kevin getting me? A $45,000 ghostwriting book deal I can track directly to the work we've been doing the past 3 months. A far, far better return than I've ever gotten from SEO or marketing agencies. Thank you!
— Melissa Delay
I'm waking up pumped every morning because I have a marketing plan, a blog post to write, and connections to make that will get me work. Thanks for that! You're awesome!
— Jared Miller
We now have a website that articulates our value prop to patients as well as to investors and partners. We’ve received phenomenal feedback saying things like “I saw your website and felt like you were the only company that understood what I was going through.
— Morgan Hewett
You've helped me so much!

— Aric Jensen

I recommend you go with Kevin. He taught me about value and how to best think about it. The one on one coaching was easy to implement, easy to get started with great customer care.

— Josh Devries
There’s not a single day that goes by that I fail to think about something you taught me in the past few months.
— Travis Jones
Kevin optimized my content and helped me bring leads. Much, much appreciated!
— Dustin Dauenhauer
Would I recommend Kevin? Hell yeah. I would recommend him and I have.
— Ryan McLaughlin
I've never met anyone who could simplify my message as much as kevin. The finished work is night and day different from where I started. If you've struggled to get the words right on your homepage, get with Kevin right away, his process will help you and is worth every penny he charges for it.
— Scott Dennison
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More words from Kevin

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