7-Second Thoughts June 13, 2023

Pretend you’re on deadline.

What if your marketing went to press in 25 minutes?

Talking email writing with Dan Oshinksy of “Not a Newsletter”

He brought up his days covering the Washington Nationals baseball team for the New York Times

And how his articles were often due in 25 minutes

Or less (!)

Sounds crazy until you realize

That so many of the great news articles you’ve read

For world-renown publications

Have been written in less time than it takes

For people to have a MEETING

About their marketing

Much less write it.

See if this helps:

Be like Dan.

Don’t think

Or plan.

Just set a timer to 25 minutes

And write whatever comes to mind

That solves a problem

For your prospect

And send it to them.

I’m here,


P.S. It’s highly likely that you will not know what to write before you start the timer. That little miracle happens once the timer begins its countdown. Absolutely feel free to reply with your draft or how you felt afterward.

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