7-Second Thoughts May 28, 2023

Quit loudly!

You can stay fully into your day job and start building your exit strategy at the same time.

It’s highly likely

That at one time or another

You’ve thought about starting your own thing

Jumping ship to a competitor

Or climbing a higher rung within your company.

See if this helps:

You don’t have to start from scratch

The day you decide

To set out for greener pastures.

Instead, you can gradually build an audience

Of future employers, investors and clients

Who are ready-made fans of what you do

And keenly interested in your services

The moment you put out your shingle.

See if this helps:

Start writing with me

And a group of your fellow escape artists

By replying to this email

So that the day you quit

You quit loudly

With a great big announcement

In your client’s


I’m here,


P.S. We’re going over the wall, people! Who’s with me? Reply with your plans of what you’d do if you could break free.

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