7-Second Thoughts August 19, 2023

“Rabbit hole” repellent

What if what you’re working on is not what you should be working on?

For many many days and months prior

I’ve been recommending that you LIMIT

Not expand

Your prospect outreach writing time

Ideally to 25 minutes or less

By literally setting a timer

And hitting “publish” when the timer goes off

Warts and all

But what I haven’t mentioned until today

Is that a 25-minute timer

Can run your whole business

See if this helps:

Even if you’re not sitting down to write a post or an email

Just the sheer act of sitting down at a desk

Probably means there’s a keyboard

Some tapping of keys

And some thinking.

Before you start any of that

Set your 25-minute timer

Start typing whatever it is you need to write


After 25 minutes.

And take a 5-minute break.

Here’s the thing:

This starting and stopping

Which oddly enough was invented to create “Flow”

Serves you in 2 ways:

It keeps you from procrastinating

It’s just 25 minutes. I can pretty much do anything for that long.

And gives you the chance to step back and take a look at what you’re doing and decide:

Was that worth it?

Do I want to do another 25 minutes?

Or did this little 5-minute break just save me hours and hours and hours of working on something that

As it turns out

Was not the best use of my time.

I’m here,


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