Relieve your prospect’s stress

The prospect coming to your website needs something

and they don’t know if you have it.

When they find out what you do in 7 seconds or less

and why it matters to their business, they get relief.

At a bare minimum, that’s some really good (and fast!) customer service.

See if this helps:

Website: Belay – a virtual assistant provider –

Headline: Accomplish More. Juggle Less.

Subhead: Virtual Assistants. Virtual Bookkeepers. Web Specialists. Everything you need to transform your work.

A 4-word headline that says what Belay will help YOU do – not what THEY do :). The subhead makes it easy to see how you can “transform” your business.

I’m here,


P.S. Fancy the thought of being able to say what you do in about a 4-floor elevator ride? Enter the Elevator Pitcherator! You got this!