7-Second Thoughts July 20, 2023

Rethink your “thank-you’s”

You’re not being impolite, you’re being clear.

To get more responses from your emails

Any emails

(Not just the ones going out to your list)

You might hold back on the obligatory

Thanks so much!

And instead

End with the action you’d like your reader to take.

And here’s why:

Adding a “thank you”

Tends to water down whatever it is you need from them that might be a liiiiiitttle uncomfortable

Which is probably why it feels appropriate

To toss them a thank you

To make what you’re asking

Go down a little easier.

Here’s the thing:

If what you are looking for

Is simply a reply

Any reply will do

Try ending your email with either:

The question

Or direction

You’d like your prospect

To answer

Or take

Because here’s the real thank you:

You’re actually doing your prospect

A solid

By making it as easy as pie

To respond with what you need.

And if you still want to show

Your appreciation and gratitude

You can always build it into

Your sign-off.

I’m here,


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