7-Second Thoughts March 20, 2023

Reviews vs. Testimonials

Critical reviews are critical for e-commerce websites. Solopreneurs? Not so much 🙂

Fellow list member Raghav Krishna weighed in about a previous email concerning testimonials:

Kevin, now increasingly people start to be suspicious if every testimonial is glowing and 5 stars. So there could be overkill, in the sense that something might come across as too good to be true? People are increasingly now aware that there are companies that offer services that offer to not only buy your products but also leaving “verified” reviews (!)

(!) added by me

If you have an e-commerce business such as Raghav’s, please follow his advice to the letter.

Solopreneurs, on the other hand, often rely on more longer form, more detailed testimonials whose main purpose is to overcome their prospects’ objections to buying.

Therefore, while the volume of glowing testimonials should literally be overwhelming

The content of those testimonials can call out initial objections to buying

And how the provider overcame those objections

Assuaged them of their fears

And over-delivered.

This provides the veracity and authenticity Raghav achieves with his customers.

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P.S. Raghav’s new website launches shortly. But in the meantime, his current website will still give you a good idea of the kinds of reviews that build trust with his customers.

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