7-Second Thoughts August 7, 2023

Rock out with your google doc out

Always be note-taking

Whether you’re on a sales call with your prospect

Or you’re the prospect

Keep an open google doc out

Off-screen if need be

And keep 1 ear out for the value that the person on the other end of the conversation

Might be giving you.

And here’s why:

You think you’ll remember it

And you just plain won’t

And here’s another reason why:

Those notes are allowing you to pull double duty as both a giver and receiver

You will listen better and take more from the session

One more reason:

It looks appreciative of the other person’s time that you value it enough to take notes

And finally:

They’re your notes

Chances are the other person is taking notes too

And if you’re not

You’ve now put yourself in the unenviable position

Of having to ask them:

Say, you mind sending over your notes?

I’m here,


P.S. If you use google calendar, scroll down into any google invite and you’ll find ready-made notes for the meeting

P.P.S. Or type doc.new into your browser. Go ahead, try it now.

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