7-Second Thoughts August 3, 2023

Script the response you’re looking for

Make it as gosh darn easy as possible for your prospect to reply.

If what you ultimately want from your outreach

Is simply a reply from your reader

Try feeding them the first few words

Of the kind of reply

You’re looking for

For example:

In my very first email

To subscribers of this list

I ask them what success would look like for their business

And almost every response starts with:

Hey Kevin, success for me looks like …

Which means I’ve set everything up

So that all they have to do

Is fill in the blank.

I’m here,


P.S. I do love the “What does success look like for your business?” question for welcome emails, because not too far beneath the surface of the answer lies a problem – which you have to know before you know how or if you can help your prospect.

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