7-Second Thoughts August 15, 2023

Sell first, ask ?s later

Warning: Many many many an offering has never launched due to the very limiting and self-destructive belief of: I’ll write the sales page before I sell it.

If you’ve got a new service you’re thinking of offering

Just sell it.

Like, today.

Like, right now

In an email

Here’s the thing:

Rather than put off selling

Use the selling itself

To help you write your product offering

Crazy as it may seem

Your prospect may in fact write your sales page for you

And even better

If you ask them the right questions

They’ll help you build the product or service

And make it even better.

See if this helps:

Get your offer 70-80% where you want it

Close enough

And get it out there

Over email, LinkedIn or both

Then, when your prospect takes you up on it

Use them

To sweeten the deal.

Just do it, 


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