7-Second Thoughts May 1, 2023

Should you sell your business card?

What if there was a law against handing out business cards?

Because I kiiiiiinda think there should be.

What would you do to keep in touch with your prospect?

See if this helps:

Such is the power of a consistent email newsletter

That it can – and should – replace your business card

And here’s why:

If you can imagine the moment where any self-respecting business person

Would seize the moment in the conversation and say

Here’s my card

And instead say something like:

Listen, I’ve got this email newsletter. Most people find it’s a nice way to keep in touch. Totally ok to unsubscribe. Can I sign you up?”

You’d instantly shift from waiting for your prospect to call you

And instead

Receive permission to contact your prospect consistently

As you continue to bring as much value

As the conversation that led you

To want to exchange business cards

In the first place.

I’m here,


P.S. I can help you write a consistent email newsletter to your prospects that takes up no more than 25 minutes to write – start to publish. You can check out the deets here.

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