to write your website

Yes, I write your website BUT!

You are not of the hook

What's required:

  • 30-45 minutes a week working with your sales team or separately either answering some questions about your prospect or working on your elevator pitch
  • A 1 hour session per week for 3 weeks with yours truly
  • A willingness to make the time

Clients Willing to Speak Publicly About Their Websites

"Kevin does best is help uncover and bring to life the story that's already there- not to make something up out of thin airso you are left with messaging that authentically captures who you are, what you do, and why it matters."

Liz Kohagen - Direct Marketing Consultant - Streamworks

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It's Possible.

I can help your prospects get interested in what you do before they leave without ever knowing that you could've really helped them.

'll admit, 7 seconds sounds crazy until you go through the process and realize it’s not just possible, it’s all the time you need. We know this from research (and your own click-happy fnger), if the person coming to your website is still interested after 7 seconds, they'll stick around for the whole show.