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Website Strategy

Guess what, you might not even need a website.

  • Is now even the best time to launch a new site? 
  • Maybe your current one just needs a quick fix?

Before you invest the time and money in a new or refreshed brand, let's find out if that is indeed what's holding you back.

We recommend a 7-Second Strategy Session for all of our clients.

Get a clear picture of what it looks like to launch or re-brand a successful website.

  • Set expectations
  • Get a timeframe both you and I can meet
  • Get a clear list of deliverables
  • Find out what you need and what you don't
  • Make sure all of your tactics are tied  your business's strengths 
  • Construct a plan to bring web traffic (eyeballs) to your site after the launch. 


The pre-work that gets you to 7 seconds


I've been a StoryBrand Certified Guide since 2019 and have taken over 100 clients through the process. 

It is a critical ingredient in the Secret Sauce behind achieving a 7-Second Website. 

Then again, it's just another buzzword unless you know what it does for your prospect.

StoryBrand BrandScript

The 7-part questionnaire homework that gets the words we need to make your prospect feel so understood that when they come to your website they  know you're the only one qualified to solve their problem. 

In the hands of the right writer, it is THAT transformative of a tool.

StoryBrand One-Liner

Also known as your elevator pitch, the One-Liner is the formula for making it easy for your prospect to imagine their business when they read about yours

7-Second Lead Generation

WARNING: If you haven't laid the groundwork (above) for a new website and your current one is bad enough to be _costing_ you sales, I don't recommend any of the following. *The last thing you want is to draw more attention to it.*

What's a Lead Generator?

It's a high value giveaway that helps your prospects make money, grow their business or even change their life. 

What's it do?

  1. Establishes your authority
  2. Allows you to stay connected to your customers in a medium with one of the lowest cost per leads.

Here's how it works:

Your prospect enters their email address in exchange for your high value content. 

Examples of lead generators include: PDF download's, questionnaires, typeforms, videoask, quizzes, pop-up's, e-courses and much more

Now you can keep launch automated email sequences featuring helpful e-courses, newsletters, product launches, etc. 

Once your prospect downloads your content from your homepage, you can send them a nurturing sequence

7-Second Email Nurturing Sequences

When they come to your new website, hold onto 'em! 

When value pricing extraordinaire Jonathan Stark was asked if he could choose only one way to promote his business, he didn't hesitate:

"Email by a mile."

You can email your customerbase daily (we do it daily), weekly or on-demand. 


  • You generate great material for sales calls
  • Turns you into an expert
  • Gives you a library of content to draw from for all of your other digital channels including social media and blogs 
  • At its core, it's a business card. Even if your prospects just read the subject line, they're reminded of you.  

Even if you're not ready for it, at some point you may want to launch a short burst of emails to announce a product launch or news. And when you do, you'll have a ready-made subscriber list. 

The more subscribers, the lower the cost of each lead.

Putting a lead generator on your website from the get-go automatically builds your subscriber list while you sleep. 

P.S.: Your prospects can reply directly to you or a team member with any email you send out.

7-Second LinkedIn

The immediacy of your website brought to your LinkedIn Page.

The same 7-Second structure that works for your website works for LinkedIn to a tee. 

Start by saying what you do in a way that's all-in on your prospect.

People spend even less time on your LinkedIn page. 

But you can give them the same immersive 7-Second Website experience they get from your website.:

  • Get more profile views.
  • A strategy of what and when to post. 
  • Daily or weekly content laser-focused on the prospect that's coming to your website.
  • Seamless, consistent messaging that flows from your website to your LinkedIn page and back. 
  • In the same clear voice as your website

Web Design

Our vetted design and development partners build your website in wordpress.

They work off of your newly created 7-Second Website wireframes to ensure a clear customer path that makes it easy for your prospect to buy from you. 

All partners are StoryBrand Certified

Customers Who Became Fast Friends

"Kevin brings to life the story that's already there so you are left with messaging that authentically captures who you are and why it matters."

Liz Kohagen - Direct Marketing Consultant - Streamworks

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