7-Second Thoughts February 27, 2023

She works hard for the testimonial

Yes, money is important. But it’s not what keeps your business going.

I recommend being paid upfront but that’s another email for another day

Better yet, please visit jonathanstark.com

But regardless where in the sales process your compensation begins

Pricing your services well

Is what will inspire you to TAKE ON the project

But what happens AFTER you receive the money?

Once the money hits your bank account

You are working purely for the testimonial

Which will all come down to how much value you deliver

And whether or not your client feels the benefit of the outcome you both agreed upon

Ask yourself:

How much value will I need to deliver

So that when this engagement ends with my client

I will feel plenty confident in asking for a review.

I’m here,


REMEMBER: It’s not the money that keeps your business flowing, it’s the testimonial. That’s what your prospect will see on your homepage before deciding whether or not to book an appointment with you.

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