7-Second Thoughts November 8, 2023

Show your prospect your belly

Asking someone in your industry for feedback gives them the power to tell you what they ultimately want.

Can I get some feedback on this?

Is one of the most powerful phrases you can use

To start a conversation with a prospect.

Full disclosure:

The start of that kind of conversation

Rarely winds up as a sale

And that’s the whole point

You see:

The person you’re talking to understands

And feels

Your vulnerability

And humility

Which motivates them to tell you

What they do not like about your pitch

In a way they never would

If you were trying to sell them.

Here’s the upside:

Whatever words are spilled in that conversation

Write them down.

Not only is that person likely to refer you to a new prospect

But the feedback they give you

Could literally write critical parts of your pitch

And your marketing

For you.

I’m here,


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