7-Second Thoughts December 26, 2021

So easy a caveman could refer you.

Even if your prospect doesn’t buy from you, your website can still turn them into an evangelist for your business.

See if this helps:

WEBSITE: Engineered Tax Services – Houston, TX

CURRENT FIRST 7 SECONDS: 20 Years in the Making!

I THINK IT SHOULD BE: Your R&D tax credit is yours to lose.

We can help you win and increase your near-term cash flow.

You might never be an Engineered Tax Services client

Although what you do might be considered a science 😉

But if you should ever have the pleasure of meeting Jill Mazur

Her 7-Second version of what she does

Will have you immediately running through your client list to see who could benefit.

Because let’s face it

It benefits you too. 🙂

I’m here,


P.S. One of the side effects of a 7-Second Website is a super referrable business. You can infuse that super-referrability throughout all of your conversations with the Fast Pitch Worksheet which you may download for free right here.

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