7-Second Thoughts November 9, 2023

Stop the toss

By giving someone your business card, you are making them work in order to keep in touch with you.

Handing over your business card

The most professional gesture in business

When you think about it

Is basically asking this perfectly nice person

With whom you’ve just had a presumably meaningful conversation

To email you

Call you

Check out your website

Remember your name

What you do


Bare minimum

Hang onto your card!

Which is why

It is oh so satisfying



They drop that bad boy like 3rd period French.

But here’s the thing:

If you’re wrapping up a conversation that feels worthy of a:

Hey, let’s keep in touch!

It means you both clearly see the value

In at least the potential

Of speaking again.

Which makes it perfectly reasonable

And kind


To do a little work for THEM

By simply asking:

Would you mind if I signed you up for my email list as a way to keep in touch?

I’m here,


P.S. I have tried this at the end of both networking calls and sales calls just in the past 3 days. Responses so far have ranged from: “Of course!” and “Absolutely!” To my personal favorite, “I’m already on your list.”

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