7-Second Thoughts February 22, 2023

Take your prospect out to launch

Announce your new website on LinkedIn and then take it directly to your ideal prospects.

It’s not true that you only get to launch your new website once.

In fact, it’s far more effective if you do it over and over again

By taking your new website

And the value it offers

Directly to your most ideal prospects

And here’s how:

Ask for feedback.

It sounds overly simple but the prospects you’ve not heard from for a while

Or simply the ones you were thinking of when you were writing your website in the first place

Are now the perfect audience for a quick email that might sound something like this:

Hey Angela, I just launched my new website and would love to get your feedback.

Would you be available for a quick chat so I can get your thoughts?

I’m here,


P.S. This works really well in a LinkedIn direct message too 🙂

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