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It’s challenging finding a copywriter that can get the messaging right. Kevin knows how to put into words what most people struggle to communicate. I get the confidence in knowing he always has my back.
Kevin asks great questions to draw out the important information for writing genuine copy that connects with my customers. His expertise with StoryBrand ensures that projects stay focused and that the finished work is simple, clear and resonates. He’s an exceptional person to work with.
What every small business wants is a website that sells and serves their customers. That's exactly what you'll get working with Kevin and from your 7-second website.
I can say I have struggled to articulate the benefits of mental health services without using jargon or inadvertently making someone go through advanced education and training in my discipline to understand. I would also say that is not okay and something I continuously have to work on.
That is also why it is great to have someone like Kevin to help translate and truly educate professionals on how to better communicate the what and value of their services to those who truly would find benefit and are in need.
At the heart of Kevin's writing is a deep understanding of audience. He is a strategic, compelling content marketer. And a smart, interesting, funny guy to boot!

Kevin is a talented writer that is really easy to work with. He’s fun to have around and is a real creative. He also kind of…looks….like a writer, which is always a plus.

Kevin took the time to truly understand our strategic business and creative needs. He delivered many options, including content to help push us outside our comfort zone, ultimately delivering exactly what we needed. The entire team really enjoyed working with him. I would not hesitate to work with Kevin again and would highly recommend him to others.

— Leslie Kasid, Lifetouch

Within a second or two, you can quickly find yourself snagged by the words of Kevin Freidberg. His ability to touch a nerve that stimulates is remarkable.
Although innovation is a word that gets tossed around like so many salad greens in our industry - Kevin, truly is innovative. He thinks and writes in ways that come from a story-tellers perspective rather than the traditional mode of the marketing industry. This gives his work a complexion that pleasantly strays from the crowd. Very enjoyable to work with.
Kevin is extremely creative and thoughtful in his approach. He is flexible and accommodating and always goes the extra mile to ensure we have the right message for the right audience. Additionally his strategic and inquisitive approach always results in great writing -- not to mention he is a joy to work with!
Kevin sent a connection request to improve my LinkedIn profile in under an hour. You may have noticed that I have since updated my cover image, removing the big “Ari M. Weinstein” and my tagline - you can see my name and headline, so that was redundant. The new cover image now states what people who work with me can achieve. Isn’t that cool? It’s rare to meet someone who can quickly improve your messaging. Kevin clearly delivered.
Thank you for great cooperation and inspiration. I learned a lot from you in this process myself - and that's a gift forever.
Every minute of this meeting was filled with insight. I didn't expect that.
— Kartick Vaddadi
Gotta be honest, I wasn't too into making my headline 10% better. But now I FEEL better!
— Rachel D. Fox
Kevin, I can't thank you enough for the fantastic analysis.  You were able to nail down in 6 minutes what I had not been able to articulate was bothering me about the home page.
— Doug Shehan
I enjoyed working with you very much. You made me comfortable with your process rapidly and managed to get me out of my head space! That is not easy to do! Thank you for your creativity!
— Sharyn Abbott
WOW! I greatly appreciate your guidance and tips and I will implement immediately. This web landing page is provided and was designed by Sales Xceleration, so I look forward to standing out from the crowd.Thank you for your creativity!
— John Noonan
I was feeling poor (not financially, but emotionally) and you proclaimed good news. I was feeling trapped/stuck, and you got me unstuck. I couldn’t see the path, and you’ve given me laser focus. And where I felt weight, you’ve brought freedom. There’s not a single day that goes by that I fail to think about you or something you taught me in the past few months.
— Travis Jones

I loved working with Kevin! I had sensed that I needed to update my LinkedIn profile but was struggling with understanding exactly what was missing. When Kevin offered a free call, I decided it was worth taking, and I’m happy that I did! In that short 30-min call he was able to pinpoint my message, how I can be of service to my customer, and how to best communicate that in a short and to-the-point about section. I gained so much value in that call that I had to book another session!

After working with Kevin I feel like my profile truly reflects who I am and my unique gifts and offerings. I hope that it will lead to many new leads but if anything I know that there is zero confusion about what I do. The best thing about our session was that we got to work on fine-tuning the message together and that Kevin helped me update my profile in real-time! After our hour together, it was done and my new image was live!

— Anne Gennari

Thanks again for a great session! It is time well spent and remarkable how much fun and joy you bring to the process as a Guide for taking my LinkedIn profile from meh to great. Merci mon vieux,

— David Aferiat

Kevin helped me bring leads, optimize my LinkedIn page, and clarify message. I’ve been on a several calls recently to try and figure out if I want to work with them and nobody did what you did. It was very unique. Your time’s busy, my time is too – I have 7 kids, let’s jump right in. I would totally recommend this service because just in that short amount of time it was pretty valuable.

— Dustin Dauenhauer

Kevin is just an incredibly great person to work with! Full of positive energy, encouragement, and quick responses!! Bad websites are a big problem for business, and great websites help you know exactly what you are getting from a company! You WILL absolutely love working with Kevin.

— Peggy Andersen
I’m enjoying your emails – this one [Cave-mansplain Your Website] is the best! Nice!
— Thom Van Dycke, Marketing Specialist

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