7-Second Thoughts June 4, 2023

The agony of the unread pitch

When your proposal absolutely positively MUST be read.

You spent hours with your prospect

Days on your powerpoint

Even made a lovely little video

To go along with your gorgeous proposal

And then …


Did they read it? Did they lose it?

Now you’re left with desperate thoughts

Of sending another

Far less confident message:

Didja get my email?

Didja have a chance to …

Just moving this to the top of your inbox

But what can you do?

Write the email that delivers all of your attachments

As if none of those attachments existed

And instead

Put whatever you absolutely want your prospect to read

In the body of the email

And making that email

As short as humanly possible.

Short enough that your prospect

Has almost no choice

But to read it.

Just so long as it ends with:


Asking them

For an appointment*

I’m here,


*EPILOGUE: Emails rarely close sales. That’s what sales calls are for.

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