7-Second Thoughts March 19, 2023

The collaborative sales call

You can get stuff done for your prospect and sell at the same time in the same call.

In fact, you and your prospect should be getting stuff done in every call regardless of whether or not you make a sale.

See if this helps:

  1. Share your screen as quickly as possible with your prospect
  2. Whatever notes you take, your prospect can now see those notes
  3. If you’re uncomfortable typing in front of your prospect, just type keywords and let a notetaker like fathom take the rest
  4. And finally, ask questions about something that will allow you to deliver something either at the end of the call or the very next call

Here’s the thing:

The alternative to this form of working with your prospect

Is you talking at them

Throwing lots of ideas at them

And then truly leaving them to sort it all out themselves.

And while this was the conventional wisdom for quite some time

It tends to lead to a very long sales cycle and creates a lot of work and stress for both you and your prospect.

TL;DR—If you can help your prospect get 1 thing done that they can use right after your call, they will sleep better

And you will too ????

I’m here,


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