7-Second Thoughts July 13, 2023

The game killers

What is standing in the way of you writing to your prospects?

One of the biggest roadblocks

I call them “game killers”

To marketing your business

Is the feeling that your writing

Is not being read.

See if this helps:

In your very first email to your prospect

Often called The Welcome Email

Give your prospect a question to answer

And don’t say anything after that question

That would make them forget

What you’ve asked them to do.

This type of email

Gets the biggest response

By a mile

Of any email

Any of my clients

Including myself

Send out

And is definitive proof

That your prospect is interested

In how you might be able

To help them.

I’m here,


P.S. To get the Welcome Email template, click here. Then click “File” and “Make a Copy”

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