7-Second Thoughts June 30, 2023

The golden rule of git ‘er done

Make appointments with yourself and keep them.

When you’re working on your website

Make an appointment

On your calendar

And keep it.

Keep it.

Keep the appointment.

No matter what.

Like you’d keep a flight reservation.

Your kid’s graduation date.

A lunch with Warren Buffett.

2 Steps:

  1. Put appointment on calendar
  2. Keep it.

Keep the appointment

Like your business’s survival

Depends on you keeping

The appointment.

Keep it,


P.S. Even better: If you have a virtual assistant, make the appointment with them so it forces you to show up or you lose money (and face). If you don’t have a V.A., try focusmate.com. I wrote my entire website by keeping appointments with both.

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