7-Second Thoughts June 9, 2023

The hunt for ideal problems

If you want ideal clients, listen for ideal problems.

What’s an ideal problem?

One that you feel supremely confident

That only you can solve.

See if this helps:

Ask your prospect questions

In your sales calls or your messaging

That elicit a “Here’s what we’re going through”

Type of response

Such as:

It’s hard for us to respond to new data needs. Our accounting team needs new reports. We have to rebuild our systems from scratch. Right now, it’s designed to do just this one type of report and if our customers ask for any other kind, we’re in trouble.*

If the first thought in your head is:

I can fix that!


You just landed yourself an ideal client.

I’m here,


P.S. This ideal problem brought to you by Data Migration Extraordinaire Sawyer Nyquist. If you’re struggling with turning your data from a liability to an asset, contact him here, and he’ll get you squared away.

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