7-Second Thoughts October 3, 2021

The jedi mind stuff

Ever read a website and thought, “How’d they know that’s what I’m going through?”

See if this helps:

WEBSITE: Hendry Wealth

FIRST 7 SECONDS: Be a good steward of your portfolio.

Understand your portfolio.

Hendry Wealth doesn’t just nail their prospect’s problem: not knowing how to invest their money.

They nail how their prospect feels about their problem: Frustrated, intimidated, and maybe a little irresponsible.

If I’m investing all this money, shouldn’t I be able to understand it?

Not to worry.

Hendry Wealth quickly gives you the outcome of working with them:

Be a confident investor.

I’m here,


P.S. This is how to get your website to pull off the jedi mind stuff that makes your prospect think, How’d they know that’s exactly what I’m going through? Want some of that? Book a 15-minute chat.

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