7-Second Thoughts October 7, 2021

The man your website could smell like

Today’s website example is not a website at all.

It’s an Old Spice commercial

Seen by 59 million people on youtube.

When we write your website I think about this commercial

Because it does exactly what a 7-Second Website should do.

Come again? Old Spice Guy uses the first 7 seconds to get you (the prospect) to stay interested.

FIRST 7 SECONDS: Hello ladies, look at your man. Now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me.

THE REMAINING 23 SECONDS: Follow every rule of a 7-Second Website to get you to buy:

  1. Say what you do and why your prospect should care
  2. Raise the stakes
  3. Be the Guide – not the hero
  4. State your offer clearly
  5. Show what success looks like
  6. Establish authority
  7. Never take your eyes off the prospect

I’m on a horse,


P.S. Crazy as it may seem, your website can do the same thing as this ad. Be crazy specific. Be very focused. And be completely dialed into your prospect.

P.P.S. When you book your Live 7-Second Homepage Working Session you will leave with words you can put on your homepage immediately afterward that get your website laser-focused on your prospect so it can start bringing leads. I have two openings starting the week after next. Schedule now.

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