7-Second Thoughts December 18, 2023

The new nightmare client

The old nightmare client was INVOLVED. The new nightmare client is not.

Back in the day, marketing and advertising agencies did their level best

To keep the client as far away from the creative work

As possible.

The ultimate nightmare client

Would have the gall

To suggest IDEAS!

But now that clients want to see an actual return on their investment

As opposed to just nebulous “brand awareness”

They HAVE to be involved.

See if this helps:

If you’re a business owner in search of marketing services promising any kind of ROI

Ask how much of your involvement will be needed.

If the agency reassures you that it’s nothing more than a quick kickoff or preliminary interview

You can breathe easy

Knowing that you

Your expertise

And your insight

Into your business

And your clients

Will be kept at a safe, comfortable distance

From the mechanism

That’s expected to bring in

More revenue.

I’m here,


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