7-Second Thoughts May 11, 2023

The point of LinkedIn

Might actually be to take your prospect off of LinkedIn

And here’s why:

I know of almost no one who consistently has conversations

On LinkedIn

That lead to high-value appointments.

See if this helps:

You can take the same valuable content you write on LinkedIn

Paste it into the body of an email

Send it directly to your prospects

And receive sincere, intimate responses

From people making an effort to start a conversation

That leads to an appointment

For you to help them.

But, but, but … how …

You can reach out to any of your contacts on LinkedIn

And ask them for feedback on your email newsletter

Which of course is their cue

To provide their email

And grant you permission

To move the conversation

To more favorable terms

For both of you.

I’m here,


P.S. Feel like it’s impossible to find the time to write a consistent email newsletter? You can find out more, ask questions or we can literally write an email together – start to publish – in your Write an Email in 25 Minutes with Kevin session

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