7-Second Thoughts December 14, 2021

The restaurant grease website that’s closing earlier

You don’t always have to convince your prospect they have a problem. Especially if it gets them to buy faster.

See if this helps:

WEBSITE: Thermaco Grease Traps – Asheboro, NC

BEFORE: You didn’t open a restaurant to become an expert in grease.

Get grease interceptors, solids strainers, and more designed to eliminate the hassle of dealing with traditional grease separators.

This headline worked great until their sales took off and they realized

Our prospect already knows why they’re here. Let’s make it even easier to buy …

AFTER: Innovative Commercial Grease Traps



The “Before” headline helped them build a loyal fan base.

The “After” gives their prospect what they really want:

The solution and the ability to buy it faster.

I’m here,


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