7-Second Thoughts May 21, 2024

The resume of least resistance

Your job is to make it as effortless as possible for your future employer to bring you in for an interview.

If you have an ironclad

Or James-Clear-atomic-level


Of not only emailing your list

But building up your subscribers

You make it even easier

And less effortful 

For your next employer

To pluck your resume out of the pile.

See if this helps:

The minute a job opens up at your future place of business

The person in charge of hiring

Knows the drill:

Post it to their feed

Collect hundreds

If not thousands of resumes

And follow up with the most promising candidates

Whereas if they see you pop up in their inbox


You became a known entity

Making it all that much easier

For them to simply



I’m here,


P.S. Even if the hiring manager is not on your list, if you build your subscribers through LinkedIn, chances are you can cross reference who on your list does know the hiring manager. More often than not, your subscriber will hand deliver your resume and even use verbiage from your emails to recommend that – at a minimum – they bring you in for an interview.

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