7-Second Thoughts June 19, 2024

The thing you’d gladly do for free

is not necessarily the thing you should put on your sales page.

There’s always that part of your offering

That’s your absolute favorite

That doesn’t show up in testimonials

But that you know

Does your client

A world of good

To the point that it seems obvious

You should shout it from the rooftops

But here’s why you might hedge

On that hunch:

Your prospect hasn’t bought anything yet

And that thing you love

Is most likely something that can only be valuable

Once your prospect has buy-in

Literally and figuratively

If you mention it before the sale

It tends to pull focus

From your prospect’s biggest

And most expensive reason

To buy from you.

I’m here,


P.S. I’ve seen this most often with Mindset Training – which rarely solves the most painful of pain points and is better viewed as added value. Really, really good stuff after the sale. But before the sale, can lead your prospect down rabbit holes, confusion and devaluation of your service.

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