7-Second Thoughts May 1, 2024

There is no such thing as a marketing emergency

A “marketing emergency” stems from a client that has too much power in the relationship and is not happy about it.

See if this helps:

Automate your intake.

Not because you’re lazy or because it’s trendy or even because it saves time.

It does help with all of those things.

But it’s more about eliminating the fear, discomfort and hesitation about whether or not you should email your clients

To get everything you need from them

In order to serve them better.

When you automate the intake

It lets the client know from Day One

That you are in charge

That THEY owe YOU

And that you know every single move that needs to happen

To deliver what you promised

On time

And on budget.

I’m here,


P.S. If the idea of “automate your intake” feels a little vague – and I can’t say I blame you – reply to this email and I’ll send you a personalized video of how you can automate your client intake using a simple google doc and nothing else.

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