7-Second Thoughts March 2, 2023

Tom Cruise in 7 seconds

I’m here to entertain you.

If you saw Tom Cruise on Kimmel the other night

Or really any other talk show

He clearly has his 7 seconds down.

He says it over and over and over again.

I’m here to entertain you.

In interview after interview you can practically see that first headline of his website:

Hi, I’m Tom Cruise. I am here to entertain you.

The dude has been at it for decades

And yet he still feels the need to impress upon his customers

What he believes his business can do

To change the world.

I’m here,


P.S. Misguided as it might be, I’m pretty sure this is why he does his own stunts. And because I want him to keep making movies, it’s also why I wish he would stop ????

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