7-Second Thoughts February 21, 2023

Unboxing your darlings

With all due respect to William Faulkner, maybe don’t “kill your darlings.”

We all have our phrases that mean something to us, but if we take a step back we realize they mean something completely different to our prospect.

Here’s the thing:

You’ve come up with a catchy, clever headline on your website

Who knows, maybe it even rhymes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Regardless, you love it

And that’s a good thing

But what if …

Rather than getting rid of it

Due to its catchy cleveriness

You only temporarily deleted it

And gave yourself 5 minutes to see it from the eyes of your prospect

See if this helps:

Cut your favorite headline

And paste it in an entirely different document

Don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere

And take 5 minutes to see if you can phrase it the way your prospect would.

If it’s the same

You’ll feel even more power behind it when you use it

But chances are you’ll come up with a more direct

Possibly more plainspoken way

That gets your prospect nodding in agreement

On a call.

I’m here,


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