7-Second Thoughts June 10, 2024

Unfinish your business

So you can close more of it.

Closing is more about knowing when to walk away

And when to come back

What you might be doing instead

Is trying to finish

There’s a difference

Finishing Is about starting with the idea that you are going to finish this deal

This project

This task

So you can be done with it

It’s a form of hatred

“I’m sick of this client, prospect, deal” when what you’re really sick of is the uncertainty

It’s joyless

It’s what people call grinding

We all do it

It takes much, much longer

Leads to burnout

A lack of consistency

And robs you of joy

On the other hand

When you close

You do not know when something will end

You just have the confidence that it will come to fruition

You put in a predetermined amount of time

And walk away

You go to the next client

The next prospect

The next task

Walk away, come back

And when it’s time to close

The prospect, client or task

Tells you when it’s done

Which rarely happens in one sitting

If you’ve heard of the phrase

Always Be Closing (ABC)

Consider the alternative:

Always be coming back.

I’m here,


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