7-Second Thoughts March 14, 2023

Unjust your just

Whenever you use the word “just” in your messaging, try replacing it with how you help your prospect.

Ode to Just:

The most successful marketing word of all time

Everything seems so easy with just

Just follow these steps

Just do what I do

Just call me

Here’s the thing:

Whatever is followed by the word just

Is often something very simple for you

And in all actuality, something quite a bit more complicated for your prospect.

See if this helps:

Go ahead: Write your just. If for no other reason than to get your words down on the page.

Then try taking it out

And replacing it with what might be many many more words

That you can begin simplifying into a very digestible piece of content

That you think your prospect might find valuable

To their business.

I’m here,


P.S. Unless you’re Nike – then yes. You may “Just Do It” so long as you back up your claim with the greatest advertising in the history of physical activity ????

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