7-Second Thoughts April 23, 2023

Using cold outreach to increase subscribers

One way to generate more interest in your website’s email newsletter is to ask for feedback.

Many of you on this list got here from a message I sent to you on LinkedIn that went a little something …

No, sorry — it was not a little something

It went EXACTLY like this:

“Hey, I’m starting a daily email. I’d love any feedback you might have. Totally ok to unsubscribe. Can I sign you up?

And here’s why:

A message like this makes it insanely easy for your prospect to know how to respond.

You’re either in or you’re out.

The message itself is so short that it makes it very difficult to ignore.

It’s very respectful of your prospect’s time.

And for those reasons and many, many more, you will get exceedingly kind and positive responses ranging from:

Love to!
So nice of you to ask. Yes, please!
And my all-time fave:
Yes! And thanks for your non a-holey pitch ????

To even the negative responses which tend to be:

No. I get too much email already. Thanks for asking!
No thank you but best of luck on your adventure!
Nope, I’m a zero inbox kinda gal. But this is a sweet approach 🙂

Most important is to keep your request genuine and digestible in 7-second chunks

To make it as hard as possible for your prospect to ignore

And easy as pie to respond.

I’m here

P.S. This is such an extremely effective way to increase subscribers and interest in your website that I offer it as a bonus of the 7-Second Launchpad

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