7-Second Thoughts June 3, 2024

“We (sort of) sold our home!”

With regard to consultative services, collaboration tends to lead to far more profitable outcomes.

We’re telling everyone we sold our home

When the truth is, our real estate agent

The fabulously talented Travis Erickson

Of Remax Results

In St. Paul, Minnesota

Sold it for us 

Then again …

The process Travis uses

Involves a LOT of collaboration

To help his clients

Sell at the highest price

With the least amount of hassle

In the fastest amount of time

See if this helps:

Involving your clients

Who practically

Or in some cases literally

Live at the place that you’re trying to help them turn a profit

Almost always results in:

Faster, less stressful sales

For much happier clients

Who take full credit

For all of your hard work

And refer you

To the rafters.

I’m here,


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