7-Second Thoughts September 4, 2021

Website getting the finger?

You might go to a dozen websites today that promise to help your business.

And spend more than 7 seconds on maybe two.

Feelin’ the pressure on your own business’ website?

You shouldn’t and here’s why:

Your website only has to do 3 things in that first 7 seconds:

1. Say what you do.

2. Why it matters to your prospect.

3. Directly TO your prospect

See if this helps:

Today’s 7-Second Website: Options MD, Los Angeles, CA

Headline: Find relief for your severe depression.

Subhead: An AI-powered platform that connects you with treatments on the forefront of psychiatry.

Prospects: Know the direct benefit immediately.

And stick around because: They know just enough to want to know more – without being overwhelmed.

Your assignment: See which websites make your finger dart toward the exits and which ones keep it in the stable.

I’m here,


P.S. The first 7 seconds are the hardest. But the reward is minutes or even hours of your prospect’s time. I am here for you. Hop on a call with me or have your finger hit reply now while it’s still on a roll.

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