7-Second Thoughts April 30, 2024

We’ve been doing this all wrong

Your website goes last – not first. And it might not come at all*

Your website is a reflection of what you offer

But at the risk of saying something overly obvious

Ya gotta offer it first

Somewhere other than your website

Where people can actually see it

Get excited about it

And … yup … go to your website for more info.**

It’s a chicken egg argument that’s actually been settled

Considering that 100% surveyed have said:

“I haven’t had anyone contact me off my website in about 1,000 years.”

See if this helps:

Start with a regular email

Copy n’ paste it to LinkedIn if you must

And over time, you’ll start to:

Refine your offering

Aka “that thing you sell” 

Find your audience

And create content that helps you sell

That thing you do

Using words you’ve already written to your newfound fans

That you can literally copy n’ paste

Into a website

That has something to sell

To an audience

Eager to buy it.

I’m here,


*it’s actually possible – and not farfetched at all – to sell from just your emails – no website required

**In this case, rather than check out your website for more details, you simply ask your prospect to reply to your emails – websitelessly

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