7-Second Thoughts September 28, 2023

We’ve been over MBA-ed

It’s completely natural to act unnatural.

After talking with many many prospects and clients

Even just this past week

It seems we’re all in a tizzy

Over how to book more calls online

Without sounding like a slightly better version

Of ChatGPT

Here’s the thing:

It takes practice

And the only way to get practice

Is to get more reps

And the best way to get more reps

Is to have a niiiiiiiice little script

That asks for help, feedback, or any kind of collaboration from your prospect

About something you’d like to offer that doesn’t require any exchange of money

And ends with a yes or no question.

Some examples:

I’d like some feedback on _____. Can I sign you up?

I think I could make a small adjustment/tweak/change to your _____. Can we have a quick chat so I can show you?

    I’m starting a new self-guided course and would love to incorporate any feedback you might have before launch. Can I sign you up?

    Just so you know:

    My assistant Shane and I spend hours sometimes trying to find appropriate ways to respond to prospects on LinkedIn. When we get a good response, we file it away in a Script Library.

    It takes time

    But it is worth it

    In the end.

    I’m here,


    P.S. I replied to dozens of requests for the sales script mentioned in yesterday’s email. Happy to continue doing so individually – I do love hearing from you. But if it saves you time, I will also share that script with you now right here

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