7-Second Thoughts April 28, 2023

What gets written gets done.

Writing your website and promoting it directly to your prospect all comes down to making appointments with yourself.

But not just any appointments

Sacred appointments.

The more you keep them

The more inescapable they become

And the more you wouldn’t dare skip out on them.

See if this helps:

Before you sit down to write your business words

Or your website

Plan WHEN to write them

And here’s why:

It will provide the space to write quickly

And consistently

Knowing you’ve made time for your clients

While putting your most important client first:

That would be you 🙂

I’m here, 


P.S. My Daily Planner is by far the most downloaded document on my website. Just a thought, but try printing it out and writing out your day by hand before you go to bed or first thing in the morning. Your Daily Planner is here.

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