7-Second Thoughts February 12, 2023

What if your website was not a story?

What if instead of a story, your website was a script?

The word story, at least in marketing parlance, has had a good run.

But I wish it would die a quick death

And here’s why:

It doesn’t have the same definition for everyone

And it’s not super clear why your prospect should care.

What if instead:

You wrote a script

One with very few visuals

And with a lot of pressure on the words

That your business’s life depends on

To get your audience to buy.

That’s really all a script is.

Nothing fancy.


Oscar winners and total box office bombs look the exact same as a script.

Black words on white paper.

It all comes down to the words.

See if this helps:

What if you took out your visuals

And put the words of your website

On a blank canvas.

Would they sell?

I’m here,


P.S. Yes, absolutely, when you’ve got it to a place where you feel confident in your words, by all means, go back and sprinkle in a few pictures. If you want to get all science-y (for which there is none), you might shoot for an 80/20 ratio of words to visuals.

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