7-Second Thoughts March 9, 2023

What is your job?

I try to improve the process of storytelling through music. ~ Legendary film composer John Williams

The quote above was John Williams’s answer to a question posed by Stephen Colbert.

He was interviewing both Steven Spielberg and John Williams

Two of the past century’s greatest artists

And you could tell that Spielberg was a little taken aback when “The Late Show” host turned to the person who’s been such an integral part of his success and asked point blank:

What is your job?

But Williams immediately got it:

This guy’s onto something.

You wouldn’t think he would ever have to ask someone so accomplished

And so well known

A question like that

But John Williams being John Williams

Handled it like someone who is still very, very interested

In what he does for a living.

See if this helps:

Even if you are legendary in your field

World renown for what you do

Try asking yourself

As if for the first time:

What is my job?

Then go see how that looks atop the homepage

Of your job’s website.

I’m here,


P.S. John rewrites my movies musically to put them on a higher plane than I could ever reach. ~ Legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg

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