7-Second Thoughts May 15, 2023

What lies between proposal and payment

No need to sit on your hands waiting for your client to sign. 

You followed all the rules of submitting your proposal to your prospect:

  1. Submit in person or on zoom.
  2. Make sure they hear you say the price.
  3. Schedule the next appointment.

And then what …


Please do not wait.

If you practice consistent prospect emailing

That prospect should be on your list

And depending on your cadence

Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, 3/week (thrice weekly?)

They should continue to receive value from you

Along with the rest of your list

Whether they buy from you

Or not.

Why that’s so great:

You get to communicate with your future client

But rather than look desperate

You look – and feel – confident

Doing what you’ve always done

Offering your expertise

Whether they sign with you

Or not.

I’m here,


BONUS: The email(s) you send out to your list after you submit your proposals will most likely be some of the best you’ve ever written – not even kidding.

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