7-Second Thoughts February 4, 2023

What’s in your control?

And who do you want controlling it?

One of the hardest parts about finishing a website is the waiting:

When are the leads going to get here?

A better question to ask might be:

What am I going to do now to get leads?

See if this helps:

The best time to start writing your business words

Is right after you write your website.

Now really is the perfect time to take all that good material

That’s already right there at the forefront of your thoughts

And send it directly to your prospect

Little by little

Email by email

Instead of waiting for your prospect to find you.

I’m here,


P.S. Been a while since you’ve written your site? Just start writing to your prospects – 1 email at a time – then go back and spin that gold into a website rewrite. If you need help, PLMK.

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