7-Second Thoughts May 4, 2024

What’s your real job?

Your real job is a job you feel no urge to retire from.

You can hire yourself for that job right now

Even while you work the one that pays the bills

Or even pursue the full time job that pays the bills

See if this helps:

If you’re not currently working at your ideal place of business, consider creating your Real Job out of thin air and clocking in about 25 minutes a day.

This is the job you’ll be doing for the rest of your life

The day you apply and get hired for this Real Job

Your attitude toward the one that keeps a roof over your head

Will change

From what was once known as:

The Grind


A Means To An End

The one whose shift flies by a little quicker

Knowing that when it ends

Your real job


I’m here,


P.S. What were you made for?

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